Yoruba Didn’t Join Hausa To Fight Igbos During Biafra War – Olaitan

The National Financial Secretary of Afenifere and Fourth Republic lawmaker, Oladipo Olaitan, has said that it would be unfair to say the Yoruba people joined the Hausas to fight Igbos during the civil war.

While insisting that the Yorubas have always stood behind the Igbos, Olaitan told Vanguard that Afenifere had taken the stand to leave with Igbios if the north forced them out of Nigeria.

Speaking about the call from Arewa Youths that the Igbos should quit the North from 1st of October, he said “Afenifere told them that if you ask the Igbo to leave, you are asking us to leave.”

Reminded that the Yoruba joined the North to fight the Igbo in the civil war, he said, “That is very unfair. We did not join the Hausa to fight the Igbo.

“What happened was this, when Ojukwu decided to leave, Awolowo went to Ojukwu, took all the risk and said ‘my brother don’t do this, let’s stay in this country and restructure it.

“What they may be doing to you may not be fair, it is not that we are happy about it ourselves, but let’s stay in there and sort it out.

“That is how the question of Aburi came about. So we now went to Aburi to try and sort it out.

“The soldiers of East origin would go to the East, soldiers of Western origin would go to the West, and soldiers of Northern origin would go to the North. We came back.


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