The Youths Had Waited To Have A Leader Like Nnamdi Kanu – Ubani

The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Ambassador for Peace and Change, Chief Vincent Ubani, has described the emergence of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, as a welcome development, says that Nigerian youths had for years waited to have such leader.

According to him, Nigerian youths had longed for a leader who would be willing to lay down his life in the fight for their rights, said that Kanu was strategic in filling that vacuum by focusing on the South-East where the sentiments of marginalization had already gained roots.

Ubani, who noted that youths across the country have often felt marginalized and neglected by both past and present political leaders, who appeared to only think of themselves and their families at the expense of posterity.

He blamed the country’s leadership for the renewed tension across Nigeria which was threatening the unity and integration of the nation.

The National Youth leader said that the marginalization of youths did not start today both at all levels of governance.

“The federal and state government created the tension in the nation. And for Biafra agitation, the leaders from the South East both past and present leaders should be held responsible for the support and sympathy Nnamdi Kanu enjoys among the youths.

“Yes, the youths have waited for a very long time to get a leader who will fight for their rights. So, Kanu strategically came at the point when the country is in suffering economic crisis, and mopped up sympathy and support especially among the people of the South-East because the region already had pent-up feelings of marginalization.

“This is the reason his followers keep increasing in number both online and offline.

“Even if Kanu didn’t show up, I also want you to know that it was and remains my intention to fight the government for the rights of the youths in the federation.

“Yes my fight is for over 75 million youths in Nigeria but South East remains my top priority, and the reason is because the region is totally been marginalized.”

On the justification of the Biafra struggle, Ubani said: “Yes, the Biafra struggle is justifiable albeit non-violently.

“Kanu’s struggle has already started making both the Federal government and south East leadership to wake-up to the reality that the masses, especially the youths are the key to every nation and they should carried along in all spheres of governance.

“Without this realization, the youths from various regions of the country could spark violent agitations and counter-agitations, which could make the nation ungovernable.”



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