Radio Station For Herdsmen Not Solution To Killings – Junaid Mohammed

A Second Republic lawmaker, Dr Junaid Muhammed, has disagreed with the Federal Government’s decision to acquire radio station license for Fulani herdsmen as a move to end killings.

He said that he did not believe a radio station could resolve the farmers- herdsmen’s crisis across the country.

He said Nigeria needs a good political leadership not a radio station for herdsmen.

Junaid said, “If it is really a crisis and the Federal Government is sincere, I don’t believe a radio station by itself can resolve this problem.

“I don’t believe that the initiative can resolve any crisis. What needs to happen and must happen is political leadership. Without adequate political leadership, there is nothing a radio station can do. If someone has already packaged a bid for equipment and money, he can come and say, yes, a radio station is the way.

“The National Broadcasting Commission’s management is suspended and is being prosecuted for one allegation or the other. With this kind of background, a radio station is not the best way to resolve the crisis.”


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