Orsu Development Forum Empowers Youths, Donates Food To Widows

The Orsu Local Government Development Forum has embarked on empowerment of unemployed youths in various Towns of Orsu Local Government.

The group also donated food to poor widows from eight Towns of Orsu LGA.

This is as the group hosted its end of the year get-together at the Orsu Local Government Headquarters on 2nd January 2019.

Orsu Local Government Development Forum is a legal organization comprising individuals from various Towns of Orsu LGA, seeking development and betterment of Orsu local government.

The group has been in a existence for a couple of years but made its first Official gathering this year.

The event which kicked off  at about 2pm commenced with a welcome song and music dance from Orsu kids.

There were cultural display from various performers including Ebenator women who sway the beaming audience with amazing display.

The Occasion attracted dignitaries and individuals from all works of life within Orsu LGA and beyond.

At the event Orsu Local Government Development Forum announced its ongoing youth empowerment within the LGA.

The group said it is currently sponsoring over 100 Orsu youths in acquiring different skills such as Fashion Designing, Beads making, Foot wear making etc, which they will be equipped after graduation.

The group also donated food to poor widows from each Towns of the Local Government.

Some individuals who graced the occasion donated cash to the group in support of its ongoing projects.

There was was also a merit award to some individuals who have work for betterment of the group and Orsu Local Government.

Those who received Award includes: Mr Chikamso Ebubedike, founder of Orsu local government development forum. Chief Jerry A alagbaoso. Chief Oliver Ezeamaku. Chief Uche Onyemaobi, Mayor of Angola. Chief Ethel Odimegwu, Akuenwobe of Assah. Chief Ernest ulom, Onwa of Orlu. High Chief Akunwata Ezumezu, Oputaobia of Ihitenansa. Bro cyril oghaego. Late Chief BN Mgbecheta, Ekwueme 1 of Orsu.

Speaking on the Occasion, the Group’s Public Relation Officer, Comrade Frank Onyemaeme, who spoke to ORSU24NEWS, said that the event was a landmark to what the group will achieve in near future.

He said it was a great experience uniting Orsu LGA citizens to the point of empowering unemployed Orsu youths and giving charity to the widows.

Comrade Frank Onyemaeme, who was touched by tears of the poor widows, urged Sons and Daughters of Orsu Local Government to support the group’s project to build a great Orsu of our dream.

Notable Individuals who attended the occasion includes, Orsu LGA Vice chairman, Orsu LGA Secretary. Chief Uche Onyemaobi,
Mayor of Angola. Chief Victor Nwaribeaku, Akwa Ugo of Awo idemili. High Chief Akunwata Ezumezu, CEO, De Lordena Hotel.


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