Only My Approach Can Actualize Biafra – Uwazuruike

The Leader of the Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has expressed anger over recent speculation that he has been relegated on the issue of Biafra agitation, says only his approach can actualize Biafra.

Uwazurike also worried that many people, including the media, had not appreciated his sacrifices towards the actualization of Biafra.

This came as the man of the moment, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who Uwazurike claimed he employed and handed over the Radio Biafra as part of the agitation process, has been getting all the attention of late.

Uwazuruike said that only his style of approach can lead to the actualization of Biafra, describing as an act of wickedness, the insinuation that he was a sellout on the issue of the struggle.

But IPOB, in response to Uwazurike’s claimed said it was a blatant lie for him to say that he established Radio Biafra and handed it over to Kanu.

Uwazuruike said that the impression created against him that someone had paid him to stop the struggle is unfair, or do people expect me to start fighting Nnamdi Kanu? Or do people think you are fighting for Biafra when you kneel down in public places to make show?

How can anybody hold the view that I am a sellout? “I set up Radio Biafra in 1999 and handed it over to Nnamdi Kanu for the good of the struggle, but what did I get in return? Someone I employed used the radio station I set up to blackmail me.

Where did I go wrong? And if you were to be Uwazurike, what will you do under such a situation?

If I didn’t set up MASSOB, how could Nnamdi Kanu have had a platform to start what he is doing?”



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