One Nigeria Always Hell Of Beautiful Packaged Lies – Charles Ogbu

Right from the beginning of time, #OneNigeria has always been one hell of a beautifully packaged lie – By Charls Ogbu

Ahmadu Bello saw the FUTILITY of the almagamation with the exactitude of a Jewish Prophet. He described it as “the mistake of 1914” and I can’t agree more Obafemi Awolowo was not left out. He aptly captured it as “a mere geographical entity”.

But for some reason, Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Pan Africanist, was the only one too engrossed with the #OneNigeria project that he lost sight of the fact that our differences as a people far outweigh our similarities.

So while both Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello were working to advance the ethnic interests of their respective ethnic groups over and above National interests, My Zik was working to advance and sustain OneNigeria above every other considerations.

If Awolowo hadn’t used tribalism to dislodge him from Lagos, Zik would probably not have come to Ala-igbo to establish some of the wonderful projects he set up such as the UNN.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to think that Nigeria was too primitive for Zik.

Other times, I’m tempted to think my learned Zik was too naive to understand Nigeria and her peculiarities.

Good thing is, with the benefits of hindsight, we now know Zik obsession with the OneNigeria project was a fatal mistake for which Ndigbo are still paying today.

Sadly, I see numberless Igbo sons and daughters still playing the Zikist politics of trying to save the stillborn baby called OneNigeria at the expense of the Igbo Nation even when other Nigerians are busy saving their respective ancestries.


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