Kanu: Igbo Pliticians, Ohanaeze Should Repent Because They Can’t Erase Biafra Consciousness – Anyatonwu

Biafra: Repent as you Cannot Expunge the Biafran Consciousness

I quietly went to the residence Comrade Nnamdi Kanu this morning to observe the arena. I stood there, gazed for five minutes, shook my head and left in agony.

I saw some combatant ready armed personnel hovering around.
One year ago, Kanu’s residence was a beehive of activities.

A woman who spoke to me in fear confided in this writer that over two bags of rice were cooked and a cow slaughtered daily due to thousands of people that came here.

“My son, I don’t know you, but are you a police? See, what happened here can’t be explained without shedding tears. I have cried enough and I don’t want to cry again.

Let Chukwu Abiama judge all who contributed to the ugly incident that happened here last year. The Army killed many and took the corpses them away. My son, please go and don’t ask further questions”, she mourned. As her eyes turned red, this writer left sorrowfully.

As Biafrans will sit at home today to mourn hundreds of their sons and daughters who were senselessly murdered by the Python that dances dangerously, my heart goes with them. I mourn as well.

The most painful aspect of the ugly scenario is that the Igbo political class is carrying along as if nothing happened.

The Ohaneze continues to romance with those who massacred their sons and daughters.

The five Eastern governors were quick to sign for the proscription of IPOB. What a shame!

This can only happen in Igbo land. I remember when there was a fracas between farmers and Herdsmen in Oyo state when Lam Adesina held sway as the Governor, General Muhammadu Buhari went to Oyo state to ask Lam Adesina, “Mr. Governor, why are you allowing your people to kill my people”?

Since the sudden disappearance of Comrade Namdi Kanu and family, I am yet to remember of any prominent son or daughter of Igbo land who has demanded for the whereabouts of Kanu.

But, it is instructive that when Chibok girls were abducted by Boko Haram, it was Igbos that championed for their release.
What a people?

It is my belief that before long, all hidden things will be laid bare.
While we await the possible emergence of Comrade Nnamdi Kanu, Paddy joins millions of Biafrans to mourn the show of shame that Python brought to Abia state last year.

For the parents who are yet to recover from their losses, may Chukwu Okike console and nurture you now and forever.

Written By Paddy Anyatonwu.



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