Kanu Capable Of Causing More Damage, His Arrest Not In Best Interest – Ofodile

Nnamdi Kanu is certainly capable of doing more damage to the Nigeri­an system than the MASSOB, OPC, and such other groups, and should he push things fur­ther, he could ignite a crisis worse than Boko Haram.

My gut feeling is that some people in certain places are beginning to realize this and that is why Nnamdi Kanu out of deten­tion appears untouchable; it is the reason he is able to dare the state, and ridicule his bail con­ditions.

The lesson here is obvi­ously enough, the brazen use of force and intimidation to deal with certain situations could create really bad unintended consequences.

Nnamdi Kanu who probably barely struggled to survive as a black man in Europe, has been turned by the Nigerian Gov­ernment into a credible apos­tle of a resurgent Biafran rev­olution. The other day when he held a meeting in Umuahia, over 5,000 persons trooped to his compound.

Kanu is a mas­ter of symbolism. He is exploit­ing the Jewish symbol: to signal to the world that Igbos are be­ing persecuted. He visits sym­bolic sites of the civil war to prick the injured part of the Igbo consciousness and mo­bilize the people. His pre-em­inence is a comment on the quality of the state and its stra­tegic intelligence system. If he succeeds with his threats, we should know those to blame.

A few days ago, someone on social media further compared him to Jesus Christ and described him as the true saviour. Every revo­lutionary in history graduates from ordinariness to being messianic, propelled by opti­mized endorsement.

Whoever ordered Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest and prosecution did this country a bad turn. Fif­ty years after the outbreak of the civil war, we now have a man called Nnamdi Kanu. He may well end up as Nigeria’s neme­sis.

He is the most frightening product of our many years and acts of denial and he may well throw the country into a night­mare worse than Boko Haram, if care is not taken.

He start­ed out as the leader of a group called the Indigenous People of Biafra and as director of Ra­dio Biafra. He and those who bought into his rhetoric of se­cession and the renewal of the Biafra dream organized pro­tests across the world, and they looked, from afar, like a group of disgruntled Nigeri­ans in diaspora.

In the foreign lands where most of the mem­bers lived, they looked like per­sons over-enjoying the freedom of speech from a safe distance. They didn’t appear to have the force of MASSOB, which is lo­cally based and seemingly more malleable.

The renewed strug­gle for Biafra that Kanu and his crowd talked about could have been nothing more than an in­ternet and television revolution. But everything went wrong the moment Nnamdi Kanu chose to visit home and he was arrest­ed, detained and taken through a court trial.

Whoever ordered Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest and prosecution did this country a bad turn. Kanu is a character that could have been better ignored.

His trial and travails have turned him into a hero and a living martyr among Igbos. And the young man so far, understands the game. Since he was released on bail, he has been taunting the Nigerian state and govern­ment.

Daily, he dares those who granted him bail and he laughs at the conditions they gave him. He associates with more than 10 persons. He moves about Igboland freely, like a spirit. He addresses rallies and grants in­terviews.

He has been busy is­suing statements. On May 30, he ordered a shut-down of the entire South Eastern region and that order was obeyed not only in the South East but also in some parts of the South-South.

This piece was sent by Ofodile (vincentofodile@ymail.com), from Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.



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  1. Anonymous

    Ofodile has no idea the meaning of his name. One basic issue that every Nigerian who are sick in reasoning and intelligent especially the politicians and those preparing themeselves to get into the box of national cake and get their own cut are definitely the ones crying very loud on this matter. The general public is tired of being a Nigeria. However, little did they know that as Jesus Christ said when he was ascending to meet Okike in heaven, he told his people, I will send you a console and many still expect such console to come from the sky, those that appear to be the Elijah-like Uwazurike was a man made freedom fighter who ended up following the part of carna mortal beings. Today Jesus Christ has sent that console in the person of Nnamdi Kanu, many did not know him especially the politicians who at the initial time believing him to be another political competitor, thinking he was using radio platform to campaign for himself as a strategy, unknowingly to them that the man young man was on a mission to deliver his people as packaged by Yawehesua and Chiukwuokikeabiama. God has set aside how the journey would end by giving him the audacity to speak the truth and the evil that has been going on in Nigeria against his people. And Chiukwuokikeabiama ensured that Good luck Jonathan does not notice Kanu to avoiding tagging the process as Jonathan plan to divide the country, God uses Obama and David Cameroon to intimidate Jonathan out of the office and installed the man older enough to be their grandfather and great grandfather to daughters and sons of Obama and Cameroon. Meanwhile, these two devils from other countries were doing so that their economy will continue to wax for the future generation of their countries and on the detriment of the Biafran generation which they were ensuring to be poor. But unfortunate to them, they were doing the work of Lucifer and it pleases them but that is how God designed it spiritually because he knows his plan. However, the moment these evil men completed their assignments by installing Buhari to power, God now pay them back in their own coins which make them irrelevant in the politics today of their respective countries, perhaps they could be working underneath, but that may no longer count anymore. Now the second stage, God uses Nnamdi Kanu, put words that are intimidating and roaring in him,God knows how much Buhari hates the Biafran and set him up,as the fearless Kanu announced his arrival to Nigeria, Buhari, and his army began laying ambush using some of the Biafran for the job, however, these Biafran too will receive their own punishment in the later day, since the arrest of Kanu, Nigeria history begin to change to worst until the present day,Buhari with the expectation of Obama and David to carry out their instruction, sorry Obama and David no longer in the picture to be connected,they were the strength of Buhari to annihilates terrors on Biafran with weapon promised to him by these two devils in human, but God disappointed their plots and finally smack Buhari with sickness never to return again. The judiciary, God sets in confusion in them and they began to behave unprofessionally till date, Nnamdi Kanu was granted bail under inhuman condition but the Igbo politician quickly plays good samaritan, on their own was to use him for politics and gain their advantage. However, it appears Kanu met with them and suddenly there was disagreement on way to go with Nigeria, the politician still want one Nigeria because of their personal interest, while Nnamdi Kanu want Biafra as nation on its own, though the politician could still not connect Kanu mission to be divine but deductively annexing him as a political competitors, now that the gaps are wide open and everyone can see it that Kanu has different ideas, the Igbo politicians were now looking for way of attacking him even going to their master to rearrest him again. Buhari the killer has been in comma for long and a journey for no return, though the presidency is playing politics with that. However, the tempo of the agitation has risen after Kanu ordered sit at home and God wanted to ridicule Nigeria through that sign, he made Uwazurike to be rebellious to Kanu instruction being one man that the evil Nigeria government is using to fool the Biafra God decided to show the Biafran and the world who Uwazurike is/was, he did it by marching his 0.4 battalion army to the street on 29 that there would be no sit at home and other groups like MOBIN working with Nigeria DSS whose interest is to usher in an Igbo man into Nigeria politics in disguise that he will bring Biafra under deceptive constitution of Nigeria even when other predecessors had tried in the past unsuccessfully, nevertheless all these are the work of God to prove his own, on 30 May 2017,the whole world sees the mighty work of Chiukwuokikeabiama has he spoke into the heart of his people to obey the voice they have been hearing and being his follower since 2012, it was aftermath that Arewa could not longer confortable in their far distance North, they began to make threaten statements as if the sit at home concerned them meanwhile, it is not in their domain nor county home, when they declare Boko Haram state and sharia law, it suits them and nobody complain since they believe that Nigeria is their father inherited estate and they are liable to do anything they wish, even at some point have claimed that Nigeria Delta oil belongs to them and nobody dare to counter it, meanwhile all the oil wells in the Niger Delta were owned by them, so logically Niger Delta oil belongs to them no doubt,but its pains them that the Niger Delta region also observed the sit at home meaning their oil well are going to be lost if they keep quiet without intimidating Kanu, but is Kanu able to be intimidated? When they find out that Ohamadike has just begun the last final stage of the battle, Arewa began pushing their willing tools in the Biafra territory such as the ohaneze indi igbo and the governors and several individuals to begin renouncing the BIAFRA and Kanu, it is not a surprise to BIAFRAN because these willing tools are being used to kill Biafra in the past and still on it, even some of the Niger Delta are compelled to say negativity against Kanu, some even said how can he come to my land and put it in their map without consulting me like British consulted them before annexing his town and villages into one Nigeria scam. haha haha God is powerful than all. The master Fulani has even ask Orji KANU to say many things like he has travel and US, UK RUSSIA, even Duara Cambodian have no support for BIAFRA, This is an indication that they do not know that this struggle is not of men but by CHIUKWUOKIKEABIAMA. Then the end has come and BIAFRA Restoration is inevitable, I remember my secondary school day in Ekiti state 1997, I was made a prefect and my fellow classmate and the junior ones were not happy with me, they kicked against it and reported me to the teacher who supervises our activities with many complaints, but to my surprises,the teacher received their complain and said to me,that he sees good principle in me and I should continue on my job, with a good remarks, this is taking me to being to think why most countries in the world do not want BIAFRAN to survive even when BIAFRA is not in their geographical space, this makes me to realized that there is something bigger in Biafra that we do not know, and few individuals who are IGBO are also parts of these external voices that are kicking against it, does it mean they are not son of the soil? They are governors, politician, and someone called them migrant politician and businessmen the people in that class will watch their own being butchered by Fulani, they will never say a word, and some an individual when you talk about BIAFRA he will hate you more than even his killer meanwhile BIAFRA is just a name, what is it in BIAFRA? Finally, people like Ofodile are in the class of migrant politicians the only drive they have in the politics is to be recognized and acquire wealth and that is all, since their fellow has been in power, I have not noticed different since after the war, so what different are they going to make if elected in 2017?

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