Igbo Quit Notice Not A Condition For Biafra Agitation, Igbos Still In North At Their Own Risk – Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has cautioned Biafrans still in the North that they are doing so at their peril.

This is also as he re-echoed his stand that it was either a date was given him for a referendum or there would be no further election in the Biafra land.

Speaking on Monday in Enugu where he received awards from a number of pan-Igbo groups, including the Igbo Women Assembly, the Eastern Consultative Assembly and the Igbo Students Union, Kanu said that Northerners have been killing Igbos since 1945.

“He said is up to them, they have been in the North, and they (northerners) have been killing us (Igbo) since 1945.

“If you choose to live in the North, you choose to be a sacrificial lamb because one day, they will kill you. It is a choice they have made and they will have to live with it,” he said.

Kanu also insisted that Igbos vacating the North was not a condition for the Biafra agitation

He explained that secession does not imply that Igbos must leave any part of Nigeria.

“You are aware that Scotland is seeking to leave the United Kingdom? Are you remotely implying that every person from Scotland, who lives in England, should now return to Scotland?

“Britain just left the EU. Are you now implying that every British citizen in the EU should come back to Britain in order to finalise that process of extraction of Britain from the EU?,” Kanu added.



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