If Ojukwu Is Alive He Will Not Support Nnamdi Kanu – Joe Igbokwe

The Publicity Secretary of Lagos State chapter of All Progressive Congress (APC), Joe Igbokwe, has said that the late Biafran Leader, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, would not support Nnamdi Kanu if he happens to be alive.

Kanu is the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra championing cause for the restoration of Biafra Republic.

Igbokwe said that Ojukwu wouldn’t have supported the constant provocative words Kanu and his cronies had been churning out against Nigeria.

He said, “I do not think Ojukwu would have supported violence through hate speech and abuse of other Nigerians. Ojukwu would have known that there are millions of Igbo residing and doing their business outside Igbo land.

“Ojukwu would not have thrown his weight behind anybody that will endanger Igbo lives and property across Nigeria. Now, have you asked yourself why the Arewa youths issued the notice to quit to Igbo residing in the North?

“They did so because nobody has monopoly of violence or hate speech. They did so because prominent Igbo leaders kept quiet while Nnamdi was preaching hate and is still preaching hate to date. They did so to demonstrate that there can be balance of terror and hate.”

Asked if Kanu is qualifiesd to be addressed as leader of Ndigbo, Igbokwe said, “The President General of Ohanaeze, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, is there. The five (South-East) governors are also there.

“There are also other prominent leaders in Igbo land. We have never sat down to pick one Igbo leader in Igbo land. Maybe time has come for us to do so because of Nnamdi Kanu’s nuisance value. When elders are not at home, children may wear snakes as necklaces.”


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