Selfish Politicians Sponsoring Biafra Agitation, I Pray Biafra Agitation Collapse In 2019 – Methodist Prelate, Uche

The Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Samuel Uche, has condemned the agitation for the break-up of the country, saying that those championing it were being sponsored by selfish politicians.

“All these campaigns that the Igbo must leave the country or that Biafra must be are all sponsored by politicians who are looking for political power,” Uche said, yesterday, in Ibekwe, Ikot Abasi Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, during a thanksgiving church service organised by Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Nsima Ekere.

Uche prayed: “Any politician who sponsors people to kill others so that they can enter political office will never enjoy that office.

I pray that Biafra and all those agitations will crumble in 2019. I am not PDP, APC or APGA. I am for every Nigerian. Nigerians will reject bad leaders in 2019.”

Uche spoke about “great deprivation” in the Niger Delta region and called on the Federal Government to urgently address the problem of the area.

“As a leader of the Methodist, I am saying here that we should allow this area, Niger Delta, to control its resources and pay a certain percentage of money to the centre.”

“Let us practice true federalism,” he said, adding that what is keeping Nigeria one was nothing other than oil.

“All these shouts of one Nigeria, one Nigeria is because of oil. “If the oil dries up today, it will be to your tents oh Nigeria!”

Mr. Uche said he heard the finance minister say recently that there was improvement in the nation’s economy.

He said he believed the minister but that he would believe her the more when he sees families around him enjoy three square meals daily.

He attacked the nation’s politicians as being greedy lots. Nigeria has enough to take care of the people’s needs but not enough to satisfy greedy politicians, he said.

“If we spend responsibly what we have, everybody could be taken care of and everybody will be happy.”


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