History Rewrite As Nnamdi Kanu Visited Igweocha (Port-Harcourt)

History were yesterday rewritten as the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, received a royal welcome as he visited Igweocha (Port-Harcourt), River State.

Kanu’s visit to Igweocha (Port-Harcourt), was part of thank you tour to the people of the State and the ongoing unification of Biafra people across Biafran-land.

The elders of the communities in welcoming IPOB leader said that Kanu’s visit to the region has restored brotherly love among Biafrans.

According to the elders, they said that Kanu was sent by God to rescue his people, says his emergence has brought to an end the suffering of people in the riverine communities.

The elders also made it clear that they are Biafrans and assures their support to Nnamd Kanu, says the divide and rule tactics is over.

Kanu speaking at the occasion where he addressed over thousands of Biafrans, he restated the demand for referendum for the old Eastern region to become an independent nation, declaring that the region would not be Islamised.

Kanu reiterated his earlier position that election would not take place in Igboland, especially the scheduled November 18, governorship poll in Anambra State to press demand for Biafra.

The IPOB Leader said that the Anambra State election would serve as the first experiment in the resolve of IPOB supporters to make a powerful statement that they were no longer interested in one Nigeria.

Kanu said he wanted Biafra to be restored “today”, but informed the crowd that Biafra would be achieved through a process, and that the first step in that process would be the boycott of the Anambra election and other elections in Biafra land.

“So, election will not hold in Anambra State and other states in Biafra. That is what the people have agreed on, and there is no going back,” he declared.

He maintained his position to sustain the Biafra struggle, stressing that the struggle was to save the destiny of future generations.

According to him, Biafra people had been marginalized by the Nigerian government, and there was need to redeem Biafrans from such injustice and inequality.

Kanu led the agitators in a prayer session for the liberation of ‘Biafraland’, vowing that he would not be alive to see any part of Igboland Islamized by government.



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