Don’t Attract Sympathy, Focus On Your Hotel Business, Real Estate, IPOB Tells Uwazuruike

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has slammed the leader of Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), Ralph Uwazuruike over statement credited to him accusing its leader, Nnamdi Kanu of blackmailing him with the Radio Biafra.

In a statement issued by the group’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB alleged that Uwazuruike’s statement was aimed at attracting both sympathy and cheap publicity.

The group said the truth is that Nnamdi Kanu funded Radio Biafra from his pocket after the initial three months that the then Uwazuruike-led MASSOB’s support for the radio elapsed.

It said the whole world knew that Kanu was on Radio Biafra soliciting for assistance in 2009, and wondered how Uwazuruike could claim he is the founder of the station.

While accusing the BIM leader of selling himself out as a result of greed, the group asked him to focus on his real estate and hotel businesses, adding that Biafra’s restoration is for serious minded people.

The statement reads: “When he was collecting blood money from Nigerian politicians, didn’t he know that he placed a price tag on his head and by extension the entire struggle for freedom? He sold himself cheap because of his insatiable greed.

“Everything about him is a lie and fraud and the blood of those that died under his command will haunt him forever. Nnamdi Kanu funded Radio Biafra from his own pocket after the initial 3 months MASSOB provided support elapsed. The whole world knew Nnamdi Kanu was on Radio Biafra soliciting for assistance in 2009; then how can Uwazuruike claim he is the founder of the station; it’s a big lie.

“He is comfortable with lies; that is why he finds it so easy to deceive the few gullible ones with him in his BIM. If he is a man of the people, let him come out and take a walk in Owerri and see if he won’t be stoned.

“Every Biafran knows that the current Radio Biafra making waves all over the world had no input from Uwazuruike. Our leader founded Radio Biafra and re-launched it in April 2014 with the active support of Uche Mefor his deputy.

Uwazuruike was too busy selling his soul to the devil than concern himself with genuine Biafra agitation.

“He foolishly travelled to Kaduna out of the need to impress his Hausa-Fulani masters because he is nothing more than an Arewa stooge and informant for DSS. He has gone the way of most Igbo politicians with political godfathers in the North or West, men without honour or any sense of pride.

“Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is a different ball game all together and our enemies know this. Uwazuruike should go and hang his head in shame. The fact that he is not ashamed of himself or how he betrayed the struggle is indicative of his criminal mindset.

“He is finished and no amount of cheap propaganda can save him. Nobody is blackmailing Uwazuruike, he is the architect of his own downfall due to greed. Such a person is his own worst enemy.”




  1. Princess kate nkem Onah

    Uwazuruike has been settled to course confusion, but he does not have the capability, Arewa youths are not aware he has expired long ago. the logistics given to him is wasted money and effort.

  2. prince EMT

    Plz mazi uwazirike respect ur self an stop politized IPOB coz there leader mazi Nnamdi kanu is not a caword , hungry ,an money monger like u, respect ur self to avoid insalt

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