APC Only Interested In Buhari’s Re-Election While Herdsmen Are Killing Nigerians Everyday – Sani

A National Assembly member, Senator Shehu Sani, has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari’s led APC government over the continue killings in Nigeria by Fulani Herdsmen.

According to him, it is tragic and most unfortunate that people are being killed everyday in Nigeria while the interest and the attention of the ruling political establishment is more in power and politics of the 2019 elections.”

He lamented that “the lives of the governed are wasted and the blood of the governed was soaking the territory they administer.”

“In Nigeria today life of the poor is cheaper than peanuts and Gala. We have become a nation in perpetual mourning and funeral service.

“Until the ruling political elites raise the value of the life of the underprivileged to equal that of the powerful and the privileged, the systemic wastage of the lives of the poor will remain unabated.

“The nation has lost its sense of outrage and we are tragically spreading red carpets and beating the drums of praises to leaders who woefully failed in their responsibilities.”


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