AnyBody Who Tells You Nigerian Government Fights Boko Haram Is A Liar – Charles Ogbu

A social Media Writer and Columnist, Mr Charles Ogbu, has criticised the Nigerian government’s approch in fighting Boko Haram terrorists.

Ogbu, who spoke to BBC Igbo service recently said there was no sign that the federal governent was fighting the terrorists who have killed thousands of Nigerians especially in North-east Nigeria.

According to him, he said that any body who says that the government was fighting Boko Haram terrorist is a liar.

Ogbu questioned why a government who claimed to be fighting Boko Haram released and paid arrested terrorists without prosecuting them.

He noted that a governmet who can go the extend of releasing and paying arrested terrorists clearlly shows they are compromised.

“The case of Depchi School girls who were kidnapped and returned by Boko Harm without any military presence was another evidence that the government was doing nothing”, he said.


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