Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, Emerges Richest Man In History

The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has emerged as the richest person of all time after reaching a net worth of $105.1 billion on Monday.

Reports by billionaire trackers, Bloomberg and Forbes, confirmed that Bezos’ worth has eclipsed the record previously held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The Microsoft founder is now worth $91.9 billion according to Forbes, and $93.3 billion by Bloomberg.

While Bloomberg puts Bezos’ net worth at $105.1 billion; Forbes, a major tracker of the net worth of the world’s richest, put Bezos’ net worth at $104.4 billion.

It was reported that majority of Bezos’ net worth came from the 78.9 million shares of Amazon stock he owns.

“Shares of Amazon (AMZN) climbed 1.4% on Monday, adding about $1.4 billion to his net worth. Shares of Amazon (AMZN) are up nearly 7% so far in this year after rising 56% in 2017.



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