Nigeria Has No Succession Plan For Young People – Dr. Tayo Haastrup

Dr. Tayo Haastrup, the chairman of the Nigerian Institute of Public
Relations, FCT Chapter, has said that Nigeria’s leadership failure is the cause of its underdevelopment.

Hasstrup said this in Abuja on Tuesday during a news conference.

Haastrup said, “Part of the dilemmas is the lack of good succession
plan for young people. This has become a clog in our quest for
visionary leadership with the requisite drive to deploy our resources
for the good of the populace.

“Hence, we today have a country with one of the best human resources,
yet not living up to global expectations in all ramifications.

“It is on these grounds that the 2019 AGM of the NIPR FCT chapter with
the theme, ‘The Leadership Question: Search for 21 Century Leaders’,
is considered apt given the apparent leadership problem that has
become a monster not only in Nigeria but the whole of Africa.

“It is therefore, important to kick-start the process of national
rebirth through provision of platform such as this to enable all
stakeholders generate insight in the area of the type leadership
Nigerians must look out for if we are to have hope of resolving our
unresolved national issues.

“These unresolved issues are poverty, rapid urbanization, regional
integration, gender inequality, food, insecurity, violent conflicts,
and political fragmentation etc.”


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