Herdsmen Can’t Be Compared With IPOB, Herdsmen Activities Amounts To Terrorism – Afuba

An Awka-based social critic, Ifeanyi Afuba, has said that the comparison between Fulani herdsmen and IPOB does not arise.

He said: “For me, the comparison with IPOB is not necessary. We have emergency situation in Benue and Taraba where the herdsmen have taken the laws into their hands.

What the herdsmen are doing amounts to terrorism because they are killing people without hindrance.

“There is no degree of provocation that can just justify mass slaughter of citizens. Only God knows what the Federal Government wants to achieve by pretending that we don’t have a terrifying situation on the ground.

What laws of Nigeria empowers herdsmen to go about with sophisticated weapons in broad day light? The fact that they have not been arrested shows that something is wrong somewhere.

“The first duty of government is to protect lives. So, if the Federal Government sees a situation where a blood bath is going in the country and people’s lives are being taken, houses being set ablaze and whole communities are fleeing, I don’t know what else that will require emergency response.

“It is a case of emergency, a situation that cannot be contained by the police and requires deployment of soldiers.”


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