Fulani Herdsmen Are Terrorists

A Benin-based academic, Dr. Ivbiore Asekhare, has described Fulami herdsmen as terrorists.

According to him, “First of all, let me express my utmost disappointment with the Federal Government because one would have expected that by now the Federal Government would have declared the Fulani headsmen a terrorist group. What they have done and are still doing to this nation is almost what the Boko Haram group has done.

“I am close to 70 years now. I have seen headsmen right from my youth and I have never seen them with AK47 like the ones they are now carrying bout, killing and maiming innocent farmers after using their animals to destroy their crops in the farm and the security agents are seeing them, but nobody is talking. But the moment they see the local farmers from the southern part of the country going to the farms with their cutlasses and other farm implements, they arrest and charge them for illegal possession of dangerous weapons.

“If you take the statistics of the number of persons so far killed by the Fulani headsmen across the country since the inception of the this APC-led Federal Government, you will agree with me that they are worst than terrorist group. I will want the Federal Government to declare them as such.

“It was unreasonable for the government to have deployed policemen to that placed because as at the time those policemen were deployed to that local government, the official figure of casualties was already over 70 with many others seriously wounded. So, what they would have done, at least to demonstrate to Nigerians that the authorities were not taking sides, was to have deployed soldiers to the place to create fear in the minds of the rampaging headsmen.

“The IPOB did not do one quarter of what the headsmen did when they Federal Government declared them terrorist group and proscribed the group. Well, Nigerians are waiting to see what the Federal Government will do to these headsmen.

“I will like to call on the authorities that if they are not doing anything to check the menace of the headsmen, they should not also provoke anger by declaring that the massacre in Benue State was communal crisis.

“Let me quickly remind the authority that with such declaration they should know that they are insulting the intelligence of Nigerians. Without being told, every right thinking Nigerian is aware that the Benue massacre was a reaction to the anti-open grazing law enacted by the Benue State government. I will also want to advise that the Federal Government should not pretend that it was not aware that the Fulani headsmen had declared war again the farmers of this country.

“Therefore the government should do everything possible to ensure that the war does not consume this nation called Nigeria. As I am talking to you now, we are yet to be told that some people have been arrested in connection with the Benue massacre, which shows that the authorities did not see it as crime committed against humanity.”



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